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H & H Farm: Our Story

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H & H Farm: Our story

The "farmhouse" was built in the early 2000's. After serving in the Navy for 24 years we retired to Tennessee, leaving California with no address and no solid plan! The Good Lord directed us and not long after our arrival we found this little slice of heaven, bought it, and have made it our own! 

Not only did we move to a place that offers endless areas to train and work these amazing dogs, but our farm supports a good number of areas to enjoy all that Labs love to do and a house that allows us to raise our pups in our home where we can watch over and control every aspect helping to ensure the healthiest, safest, and happiest of litters! 

Getting to where we are has taken a lot of work and dedication but we have turned this little piece of heaven into exactly what we had envisioned and now we have the H & H Farm. Our dogs are very special to us and are our family. We take great care and pride in the development and care that each one gets ensuring they are set up for a lifetime of success and happiness. We also work with our families to find the perfect pup for them so that the puppy and its family can enjoy all the happiness that that perfect Lab puppy can bring! Just like we have with Judge & Jury!  


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On H & H Farm we have our Judge, Jury, & Alibi of course, but we also have 23 chickens, a rooster named Athelstan, and our three horses: Sanne, Jacob, and Sophia. As our children are grown our animals are our main focus and we love, care, and treat them exceptionally well, if I do say so myself! 

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H & H Farm inhabitants...

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