Meet Judge, Jury, & Alibi!

Howard's Hard Knox Judge

Judge is an AKC registered silver Lab bred in Morrison and raised on our farm here in Madisonville, Tennessee.


Judge is three quarters American Lab and one quarter English. He has excellent body structure, great health, natural drive, even temperament, and is the most loving boy we have ever owned! To top it off there is nothing this big boy can't sniff out! He is eager to please and is always ready to play, cuddle, or work. What was most surprising about Judge is that this is one paws-on daddy! He LOVES his puppies and plays and watches over them so well! We have tons of video of his interactions with the pups and we have never had a stud that shows so much love and affection for his babies! 

If you are looking for a distinctive lab puppy that is trainable, smart, well-built then Judge's puppies are the ones for you! 


His puppies will make wonderful dogs that will be well suited to a number of jobs including service, working, hunting, show, farm, or just for the family to enjoy!

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Embark clear on both Judge & Jury & a copy of pedigrees available in puppy packets! 


Howard's Savy Jury

Like Judge, Jury was born and bred in Tennessee and is AKC registered.


Jury is an American Lab and is bred from Master Hunter stock with her sire's side alone holding more than 10 titles in his pedigree in multiple generations. Further down her tree there are more champions and titles any Lab would be proud of!

Jury is a one-of-a-kind girl who will retrieve, dive, and swim all day if you let her! She has an amazing temperament, focus, confirmation and build that suits many activities. I don't think I have ever had a dog that is as athletic as this girl!

Jury is an independent girl but very attentive and responsive to her handler (me!). She watches every move I make and waits to see what and where I want her to go, an excellent trait to have! She possesses a high, natural drive and has shown to pass these traits to her puppies!


Jury is an incredibly fast learner and lives to work and be with her humans. She is one amazing mama, but we weren't surprised, she gives everything 100%!

(Embark clear except Jury does carry 1 recessive DM gene, only dogs with 2 are concerning per genetic counseling)

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Howard's Bayou Teche Alibi

Alibi, Ali, is our newest addition to the family and farm! Ali is a yellow, AKC registered Lab who has the sweetest personality and temperament

Ali is an American Lab and has an amazing pedigree and lineage with several in the Retriever Hall of Fame and many champions as well from Master Hunters to Field Champions. With a background like hers we are expecting one amazing dog! She loves water and is so quick to pick up commands. 

We started Ali's basic training immediately and are sure she is going to make an amazing dog and fur baby, and yes!, she is already being spoiled like all our animals! 

Stay tuned to see how this little lady turns out! 

Welcome home Ali!

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