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Our 2022 Justices!

As you have seen from our page our dogs are Judge and Jury! So, it seemed only fitting that their puppies be our little justices! Our litters each have a "theme" that we use to select their kennel name for identification, giving them their own identity (much like we have our names), tracking their growth and health, and because it is fun!

This was Jury's first litter and she rocked it! But that didn't surprise us, what did was what an amazing daddy Judge is! While Jury had an easy pregnancy Judge still stayed by her side from the beginning and even helped with the pups as they got older! We are so blessed to have two exceptional dogs who are proving to deliver amazing puppies!

In order of appearance: Clarence Thomas, Ruth Ginsberg, Sandra Day O'Conner, Amy Barrett, Brett Kavenaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Harriet Miers, Felix Frankfurter, and last but not least, Elena Kagan

Almost done.jpg
New family.jpg
That face.jpg
Nap time.jpg
Full load_edited.jpg
The boyz.jpg
The girlz.jpg

Mama had a long but successful delivery and Daddy stayed near by keeping watch. They both loved their babies from the moment they were born! Mama had a full vet check after delivery to ensure all was well, and it was! 


Little models! These pups sure loved the camera! 

Feeding frenzy.jpg
Line up.jpg
Healthy pups 2.jpg
Future hunter.jpg
Healthy pups.jpg

Health is super important! You can only imagine the circus taking all these pups to the vet for their regular checkups! 

With dad.jpg
Water time.jpg
Camera time.jpg
Good boy.jpg
You talkin to me.jpg
With mom.jpg
Happy boy.jpg

Our pups had lots of love and adventures and we are so happy they each found the perfect home! 

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